Return-to-players mainly express the total amount of wagering, which returns to the players as winning. It is usually used to decide gamblers’ payback percentage over time. Moreover, the payback percentages describe the RTP rate and also estimate winnings.

 The bigger you bet, the higher amount of winning returned to the gamblers. Almost every slot games have a specific return-to-player percentage in an online casino. The average RTP rate is 80%, and the higher is 98% in the slot machine.

So it is important to choose the best site which gives you a higher RTP percentage. In addition, the machine game only gets 20% revenue, while all gamblers have a chance to take back 80% of all bets.

Where to find the RTP percentages?

Finding the RTP rate at your slot games allows the players to make wise decisions regarding how much they bet and when. According to the casino operators, the RTP percentages are publicly displayed on their video slots. Moreover, there is a lot of difference in the RTP rate at an online or traditional casino in the slot machine.

In online slot machine

Finding the RTP percentage at online slot games is very easy; just search for any slot machine game you like to play and add RTP toto the search. After a few seconds, you will get the estimated RTP rate of any slot game. Sometimes, the players also get the payouts in the information section of the slot game. Here is a few examples of RTP at slot games:

  • Ugga bugga- 99.07% RTP
  • Jackpot 6000- 98.8% RTP
  • White rabbit Megaways- 97.77% RTP
  • Mega joker- 99% RTP

In traditional-casinos

In traditional casinos, the RTP rate is a little bit harder to find and is also generally low compared to online slot games. At land-based casinos, the players only have an RTP of about 75% to 80%. But online slot sites like maxwin have 97 to 99% RTP rates which display in a specific cluster of slot games.

Does RTP matter in slot games?

RTP percentages in online slot games are very important for players. It is because it is considered the amount of money you play in slot games. If you are a beginner at slot games, then the thrill of the game is enough, even if you lose some money in the process.

But for regular gamblers, the RTP rate gives them a chance to get more value for their investment. Also, the RNG gives you a chance to win at each spin; RTP ensures that the device is programmed smoothly and provides you with a percentage of all the bets.

Whether in an online casino or a land-based casino, RTP gives you a chance to get the money back that you played. Any form of gambling, the house will always give you benefits. When you know how RTP works, the chance of getting your money back is in the form of winning.


Variance is also known as volatility, which refers to the risk amount of money in a specific slot game. It is similar to the hit frequency in calculating how much you can get on winning combinations. Low volatility slots have smaller wins, but they have higher RTP rates.

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