Today, the dartboard is rapidly increasing in the world. It is a perfect choice for experienced darts players. These kinds of dartboards contain built-in features such as game variations, average, interactive features, and much more. It let kids play safely in the darting platform. In the dartboards, you might explore different settings that let you play tournaments. Most of the dartboard is available with different scoring and game options so check complete reviews at for more details.

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard:

This dartboard is popular among lots of players. It provides a combination of traditional appearance with unique features. The size of the board is 15.5 surrounded by a catch zone. It provides five levels to play against your friends. It is designed with nylon that minimizes bounce outs. Also, it allows you to play with the computer at any time. It provides a range of games that let you pick the best one.

It offers 57 games among 307 variations. On the board, you can see the cricket symbol and scoring numbers. It provides a more scoring interface and a wonderful wood cabinet. It will display four-player scores on the six-inch display. It comes with an Ac adaptor, mounting kit, and six darts.

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard:

Games available on the board are 01 games, half-lt, cricket, legs, count up, and more. It has a plastic surface to decrease noise on playing. It displays game scores on a smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled device through Bluetooth. This electronic board has new features than the other boards.

You can play various games with other players and gain more entertainment. It is a perfect dartboard with fewer bounce-outs and different features. It allows players to access data and synchronize game through Bluetooth.

GUZ 2 Online Electronic Dartboard:

It is a new model dartboard that gives a unique appearance. It contains sets of soft trips darts and 15.5 sizes. In this board, you might utilize a 4AA battery or AC adaptor to charge the dartboard. Darts are designed on the plastic surface with vibrant and bright colors.

The board contains an app for android and ios to control game functions, display scores, and connect with other players. It provides a range of games like cricket with four variations, Guzy party, Battleship, target train, and others. It offers stereo sound effects and lightweight to access.

Arachnid Bullshooter LED 1000L:

This dartboard lets you play safe with your friends. It has 36 games and 183 variations. You might play with the darts and the score will display digitally. You can play solo games with a computer and see the score in the led backlit. It contains six sets of darts on the cabinet. It is cost effective to buy online.

Viper ION LED Illuminated Dartboard:

If you want to games with various options, then buy this dartboard which offers new features.

It will indicate lights on the three scoring sections. It contains 17 game options to play traditionally. Also, it supports eight-game players. It has a durable board surface to play games without hassle. It has some game options like Lcd display show scores and players, dart holders, dart tips, and control panel. You can power the board using a 3AA battery or Ac adaptor. So, buy the best dartboard and spend your free time playing games.

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