Drills and Drilling Machines:

The word Drilling means to cut something. It is a cutting process that creates a hole of the circular cross-section in a solid material. Drills may vary in size, speed, and power. Drilling Machines are tools that have been to create holes in solid surfaces like walls, poles, metals, woods, etc. Drilling Machines run with electricity.

Parts of a Drilling Machine:

There are many different types of drilling machines. A drilling machine consists of many parts, they are-

  • Base: Base has been used to carry the entire weight of the drilling machine and then transfer the mass to the ground. It has been made from cast iron or steel that makes it very rigid.
  • Column or Pillar: The column or pillar has been used to maintain the clockwise or anticlockwise movement of the arm. It has also been made up of cast iron or steel.
  • Upper arm: It carries the drill head and the house of a driving mechanism. It is also made from iron or steel.
  • Worktable: It is a movable table which helps in keeping the machine placed in one direction.
  • Drill Head: It is an accessory that gives different shapes and sizes to the hole.
  • Feed Mechanism: A drilling machine needs an electric motor, V-belt, and a pulley to transfer the power from the engine to the spindle.
  • Spindle: Spindle is the circular taper that helps in holding the drill chuck. It has been made from high carbon chromium steel or stainless steel.
  • Chuck: It has been situated in the lower end of the spindle that holds the drill jig.
  • Electric Motor: In a drilling machine, a single-phase ac motor has been used. It runs on an rpm of 600-5000 or above.
  • Pulley or Gears: It controls the speed and power of a drilling machine.

Types of Drilling Machines:

These powerful tools have been used in all kinds of manufacturing and construction industries. It can create holes on all sorts of hard surfaces like concrete, metals, wood, and even rocks. There are many different types of drilling machines, which can perform a distant kind of task. The types of drilling machines are-

  • Portable Drilling Machines: These machines are small and comfortable to use. It can be easy to move from one place to another. They can drill up to 12mm to 18mm.
  • Sensitive Drilling Machines: It has been used to drill small scale holes. It has a very high speed of rotation. It is mostly used in workshops as it is hard to move.
  • Radial Drilling Machines: This machine has been designing to create a medium to a large hole. It has been commonly found in workshops and industries.

Machines like Upright Drilling Machine, Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine, Gang Drilling Machine, etc are also a type of drilling machine and for more details on different types do check out https://drilling-it.com

The invention of drilling machines has been proving to be very useful for humankind. It varies in different kinds of shapes and sizes. There are also multitasking drilling machines which work on multiple surfaces.

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