Dogs are the most loved animal on this planet, but with love comes some responsibility for us. We need to take well care of the dogs as we are keeping them at our home, preventing them from the natural environment. The main problem arising is the poop they make. Doing poop is, although natural, the main problem is that the disease that spread from their poop. Immense research has resulted in the production of dog poop bags.

The production begins here as 

The launching of some article which could be used to collect the poop created by the digs gave an idea to create dog poop bags, although these bags are not much different from the other simple bags available in the market. The bag can maintain hygiene in the environment of the house where the dogs are kept. Also, it keeps the area clean and fresh cause the poop does not spread a lot then.

The dog poop bags are made up of polyethene resin. Polythene resin is the component that is usually used to make plastic bags; these bags are generally made from three different types of polythene likewise low density, linear low density, or the high densities one depending on the purpose we use and also the breed of dogs we are using. After discovering such poop bags, there is no longer a need to use dirty clothes or left away plastic bags to pic the poops.

Discussing the ill effect of dog poop overcomed by the bags.

  • Highest in generating waste: Dog’s poop is considered to be in 4th position in the count for generating waste. Plastics are the highest produced waste in the American nation, so it takes many years to degenerate the plastic. Moreover, most part of this waste is due to the reason of collecting the dog poop, and the thing to be noticed is that the plastic is non-biodegradable so was their the invention of the dog poop bags as they were considered to be biodegradable.
  • Millions of tons of poop: This has been estimated to have a million tons of poop created by the dogs, resulting in the spreading of diseases and pollution of water reserves. It was studied that the owners of dogs collect about a million tons of dog poop.Plastics are pondered to be the material that could be recycled at the least level having a recycling rate of over 12%.One forth percentage of polluted water is the dog’s waste, pollutants that come from the water from the rain through the sewerage systems, and doing poop near them also beside some beaches or say watersheds.

Summarising the dog poop world 

Though we were well aware of the methods that we all should adopt while treating dogs as pets, it is our moral duty to also take care of the rest of the dogs left on the streets. We should protect our environment from all types of spreading wastes, especially dogs poop

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