Do you feel there should be at least one legit poker game that emphasizes the real-world gambling experience? Do you want to take part in poker games but do not want to disburse your money in any means? Rest assured, because Zynga has been running one such poker games online since 2007.

The renowned farming game developer company has also introduced a social-media based poker game called Zynga Poker. Zynga Poker highly endorses poker games only on Facebook. Still, like other Judi slot online games the software is available exclusively for Android, iPhone, Windows, Tagged, Google+, Windows Phone, and MySpace users.

Zynga Poker allows the players to use 3 types of accounts:

Facebook Account:

The Facebook account is permanent, and your Facebook data is solicited as soon as you sign up for Zynga Poker.

Zynga Account:

The Zynga account is also permanent and uses your ZDC account for playing the game. Mobile users and Guest players are likely to use this type of account for playing the game.

Guest Account:

It is a practice-play account with limited or basic features enabled, and limited wallet chips count to 10B only. Only a mobile user can create a guest account and create multiple accounts if they discontinue their previously registered one.

Every new user gains $60K free chips on their first login. Poker chips are the in-game currencies holding a real-world monetary value and are of several colors. Every color has a different value. The white chips have the lowest value, and the orange/yellow chips have the highest.

How to play Zynga Poker?

The ultimate way of playing the game is to set up, betting in the rounds and showdown. It all begins by pressing on the dealer button. Any player with the highest-valued card will be chosen to act as a dealer till the hand is completed. Then the player on the left will be the next dealer.

Now the player has to put out the forced bets with some chips in the pots. These bets are called blinds. The size of the binds decides the stakes of the game. Each dealer has to deal with 10% of their total chips in the denomination. And then, the first hand is ready to deal.

Now the deck is shuffled, and the player gets a hole card, which can only be seen by themselves. Once the cards have been dispensed, the players conduct a pre-flop and orderly acts. The dealer keeps the first card aside and starts the flop. This act recommences until the final community, called the River, shows up. The penultimate player who mucks and doesn’t fold wins the pot.

During the showdown part, the player placing a bet on the River has to reveal their hand, by default. However, if no betting happened, the player closest to the left of the dealer must reveal. Then, in a clock-wise manner, all the players have to recommence.

The winners hold a rank out of 8, and if two players tie, they even distribute the pot among the other player to start the game. The person owning the best five-card hand wins!


The games here are proposed for adults only. No real money gambling is endorsed or encouraged. Practicing or succeeding in winning in the social casino games will never clarify win or lose in real-world online gambling. After all, it’s just a game that mimics a poker table, croupier, and other real gamblers in the same room.

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